Available for 40+ people - all prices are per person and include GST

Kiwi light supper

Serviced buffet (available by arrangement)
DIY $9.00
(packed cold, heated onsite)

  • Assorted club sandwiches 
  • Assorted savouries
  •  Mini quiche
  •  Mini spring roll, sweet chilli sauce
  •  Mini samosa, sweet chilli sauce

Sports supper

Serviced buffet (available by arrangement)
DIY $13.00
(packed cold, heated onsite)

  • Assorted savouries
  • Open ploughman sandwich
  • Assorted club sandwiches
  • Pinwheel sandwiches
  • Mini spring roll, sweet chilli sauce
  • Mini samosa, sweet chilli sauce

Hot Ham supper

DIY $14.50 (packed cold for you to heat at your venue or we can heat) - Please note service fee will apply for us to heat.

Hot ham on the bone, served with gourmet rolls & Ciabatta bread, a selection of tasty pickles and relishes with our awesome mesclun, beetroot, feta and broad bean salad.

Hot Roast Rolls

Serviced Buffet (available by arrangement) 
DIY (Minimum 40 people) $16.00

  • Roast pork moist and succulent.
  • Roast whole beef rump with American pepper
  • Served with fresh long rolls (2 each) with country style coleslaw, hot gravy, apple sauce and honey mustard mayo.

Gourmet Hot Roast Rolls

Serviced buffet (available by arrangement)
DIY (Minimum 40 people) $17.00

  • Boneless chicken rolled with mushrooms and smoky bacon.
  • Manuka smoked ham
  • Served with a variety of dinner rolls, mesclun salad, our country style coleslaw, mustard, chermoula, pesto, gravy and our homemade aoili.

Celebration supper

Serviced Buffet $19.50
(packed cold heated onsite required) $15.00
 Handed around to you and your guests for approximately one hour. Also available as a buffet if you prefer. If heating on-site is required then additional facilities / charges may be required.

Chilled platters

  • Assorted club sandwiches
  • Mountain wraps filled with smoked chicken, salad and sun-dried tomato cream cheese
  • Triple cheese and onion tartlets
  • Blini topped with pumpkin and feta cheese
  • Roast beef and gherkin rolls

Hot nibbles

  • Mini spring roll and samosa with sweet chilli sauce
  • Assorted savouries
  • Prawn toast with a touch of lemon
  • Pork, garlic and chive dumplings with soy dipping sauce 
  • Smoked mushrooms and feta pastry puffs

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